Coventry Road Ilford Essex

Here are a couple of images from the house I grew up in. Most of Ilford in Essex was built up around the late 1800s, during the Victorian style of architecture.

I can remember I used to talk to my friend who lived next door through our bedroom walls.

The second image clearly shows the outside toilet each house had, just adjacent to the kitchen door. Cold in the winter and not for those who don’t like spiders!

Long before soundproofing and cavity insulation was thought of. Also every house had a lovely tiled front path, I always remembered that.

Coventry Road Ilford Essex
Coventry Road Ilford Essex
Coventry Road Ilford Essex
Coventry Road Ilford Essex

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  1. I grew up a bit further east on the other side of the tracks in Lynford Gardens – we moved away back in the early 1970’s but the family who bought our old house still have it (as in 2018) and have not changed it a bit since my Dad decorated it all those years ago..

  2. And the estate is no where near as well kept as it used to be. Strange, as we are orders of magnitude wealthier

  3. They I believe are actually Edwardian, our in Toronto Rd Is 1911. There are fascinating restrictive covenants – no fairground equipment. Originally Empire estate, renamed to Commonwealth at some point. V2 exploded in Brisbane Road near Wellesley

    1. I know my infants / junior school, Christchurch was built in 1898 as the weather vane proudly displayed that. So certainly that end of Ilford was developed in Victoria’s reign.

    1. Hello Pauline, the houses are all Victorian, I went to Christchurch infants and junior school and that was built in 1898 (so the weather vane stated!) So anytime around then, 1898. I lived at number 128.

    2. I come from Canning Town, but about 30 years ago my now husband, Ulf, came from Germany to work at Mattessons in West Ham. He rented a room in a house in Coventry Road.

  4. Not quite as ‘posh’ as Ilford, I lived in Colchester Ave, Manor Park (No.7) and yes, remember the outside lav and having to lag all the pipes with sacking in the winter with an icicle hanging off the roof right over the door. So huge that when it finally fell, it blocked the door to the lav and I dreaded it thinking if I was in there when it came down, I’d never be dug out. Also recall all the beautiful tiled front steps and paths – be worth a fortune these days! Think there were only 3 houses built without a bathroom – yes, No.7 was one. So, zinc bath, cleanest in first and dirtiest last! Always thought the roads in Ilford looked so grand compared to ours.

    1. Maryanne Baldock

      I lived in ‘posh’ Ilford![Ilford Lane,]and worked in Ilford Hill,’Balance Foundations’ Not far from Manor Park. Some of my relatives lived in Dersingham Avenue,and Grantham Road,Herbert Road, lots of them are in the cemetery nearby. we didn’t have a bathroom either! Ilford wasn’t THAT posh. My brother in law owned the Forest Gate Garage. I would love to hear more from you Marion.

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