East London Gallery

Images from across East London. By using public transport you can get to most areas of East London quickly. The following HDR images were shot by myself (or scanned in) whilst out exploring the area. Hope you enjoy them.

Click the thumbnail images for a large view of HDR East London! Photographs of Limehouse Basin, Woolwich Free Ferry, Millennium Mills, Royal Victoria Dock, Canary Wharf and lots more famous East London landmarks.
All images / photos are copyright Malcolm Oakley.

4 thoughts on “East London Gallery”

  1. love your old phots i have an old photo from early 1900’s that i am very interested to find where it was it was around canning town as that was was heart of were Martha Cherry lived with John Cherry and my great Grandfather George alton Cherry.
    This is were they lived:
    237 Alnwich road Custom House Arthur crouch edith caroline crouch an my nan grace lilian crouch and her sisters arthur grace jack alice

    119 randolph Road custom house Arthur crouch edith caroline crouch an my nan grace lilian crouch and and my aunts uncles
    121 my uncle walter marsh i knew him as  great uncle wol  and he married Doris my aunt Dol.
     from his ww 1 18.11.1917 discharge papers Arthur crouch 19 river Street  a squiggle i couldnt read Brompton kent was bill posterer
    78 Trinity Street custom house
    42 Agate street west ham martha cherry
    83 May street canning town john cherry martha cherry  my great great nan1869 aged 42 on 1911 census and my great aunts alice ada (sadly never met ) and my great grandad very good ar making steam engines and built one that drove one was like a merry go round and kids could ride on he was also a good piano player.
    Arthur crouch 1911 limetree terrace.eastbourne but moved to silvertown at some time.
    they moved around a lot then to dodge the rent man they also lived around Custom House and Bethnel Green before like a lot of east enders ending up in Dagenham were my George William Cherry live nan Grace lilian i would add some photos but cant see how you do it. any info on the above would be much appreiated.

    1. sorry the photo was of a sick animal clinic which Martha Cherry ran with a John Norman or John Cherry and when she died the pdsa sent a large reef so she did some good for them as well but not found out what.

  2. Hi

    My Great grandfather’s family had eel pie and mash shops and dinning rooms/Establisments in Edgeware Road 3 Middle Road South Knightbridge London around 1850’s Godfree’s. I am wondering if anyone knows of any information or pictures I would be able to find regarding Godfree’s.

    Thank you,
    Kind regards,
    Donna Mills

  3. Terence Woollard

    Does anyone know of a calendar probably printed for the year 1990 that had a photo of Pop Freeman standing outside his shoe shop with the riggings of sailing ships over the roof?
    I saw the photo in 1990 just before my elder brother
    died but as I wasn’t into genealogy then I never paid too much attention.
    So if anyone who knows if it’s existence please let me know.
    Thank you

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