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A few basic rules to keep everyone safe and happy online. Please read.
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General Posting Guidelines
  • Please keep posts relevant and on topic. Do not deliberately derail a topic.
  • Post only in the correct category: Example "For Sale, Old Friends, General Chat, Events" etc. Also post in ONE category only. No spamming the forum.
  • General Chat is the forum area where you are welcome to talk about anything and everything (legal of course!)
  • Please keep topic titles relevant, this helps people (and Google, Bing) quickly find discussions that interest them.
  • DO NOT post sensitive / personal information unless you have permission to do so.
  • Please write in English, no "text speak" which is difficult for some people to understand. LOL is acceptable :lol:
  • Do not use bad language, personal threats or any bullying/trolling statements.
  • Please do not TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL letters - posts/comments that do so will be deleted.
  • Do not share/distribute copyright material that you do not have permission to do so.
  • No spam comments or thread bumping. Add relevant engaging comments to existing posts, not just "bump, hello, hi" etc.
  • Please do not use excessive smilies: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: We have system limits in place, so you are best expressing your happiness in words and smilies :D
Trolls, Spam and Bullies
  • We, East London Voice do not tolerate bullying. We do not tolerate trolls.
  • Everyone has a different opinion, it is what makes life interesting. Please debate, discuss, agree, disagree but please DO SO in a civil, polite manner.
  • Forum Administrators will warn and/or permanently ban anyone who engages in abusive, bullying, trolling or spamming behaviour.
  • Use the report function to bring to our attention any post, profile, comment etc that you feel goes against our rules.
  • The Administrators of this forum have the final say. We reserve the right to delete, edit, warn and ban if we feel behaviour is unacceptable towards other forum users.
Open To All
  • You do not have to live or work in East London to access our online forum but we do require businesses to have a local connection when posting: Example, you have a shop in East Ham, you visit customers in the East London area.
  • Many forum users now live abroad, we enjoy having you here online. So please do get involved and share your views.
  • If in any doubt or you have any questions, please contact us before posting.
  • Remember: General Chat is the category where all the "non London" posts should go if you cannot find a relevant existing category.
  • See something broken on our website, want to suggest a new category, want to say something in private to the Admin Staff: Use the contact form.
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