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Hughes Mansions, Vallance Road, Stepney, were destroyed in March, 1945, by the last of Hitler’s rockets to fall on London. This was the second worst of all rocket incidents, involving 131 deaths and severe injuries to 40 people.

These photos of WW2 bomb damage in London are from a collection of newspaper and magazine articles published in England during World War Two. My late grandfather gave these to me as he knew I was interested in London history.

Hughes Mansions, Vallance Road, Stepney Lodnon
Hughes Mansions, Vallance Road, Stepney
Hughes Mansions Vallance Road Stepney WW2
Hughes Mansions Vallance Road Stepney WW2

Of 93 flats 60 were completely wrecked or had to be demolished.

The flats, completed in 1929, were named after Councillor Mary Hughes, J.P., member of the housing committee, daughter of the author of “Tom Brown’s Schooldays,” and a Quaker philanthropist who gave away much money.

She bought an old public house in Vallance Road, re-named it Dewdrop Inn and made it a social centre. She died early in the war in St. Peter’s Hospital, which overlooks the scene of Hitler’s carnage in Hughes Mansions.

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  1. My grandmother, Leah Myers, lived at no. 17 along with her children Joe, Alf (my dad), Annie and Nita. Also living in Hughes Mansions, at the time was my dad’s great friend Lou Rosen, and his mum. They lived there from before the war to way after, 1950s into 1960s? Does anyone remember them? My dad, Alf Myers, was a public librarian in Tower Hamlets for over 40 years.
    It looks like Anna Shea was living next door. So, my dad lived at no.17 before he joined up and then from 1945 till he got married in 1948. How amazing.

  2. When the V2 fell on 27th March 1945, I lived at 19 Hughes Mansions, aged 8, with my mum and dad and my brother. Luckily, we lived in the block which took the blast and survived just! I have very clear memories of that day which often come back to me.

    1. I wonder if you remember my grandmother Lily and my cousins, twins, Barry and Mavis who were 9 years old. They lived at No. 25 Hughes Mansions. I wish I could have met them,

      1. Lily was my Aunt – married to my Mother’s brother Jack Solomons. The twins were my cousins. Lily would have been your Aunt too I would think as she was the Mother and Uncle Jack’s wife.

      2. Marua – can you please respond as I think we are related – Was Jack Solomons your Grandfather? He was my Uncle ( um’s brother). I have been looking for his family for a long time. My Mum was a Solomons.

    2. I have just started putting together my family tree. My great grandad Harry, his wife, Jane, together with their daughter, Miriam and granddaughter Sandra, lived at number 32. Sandra was only 2 at the time, so sad. Thanks for posting the photos and if anyone has any information on them, or life at the Hughes Mansions that they would like to share with me, please comment! I’d love to learn more.

  3. My mother lived there and during war lost one of her sisters after last bomb dropped. My mother was a war bride and came to America and would go back to visit family. I remember spending a summer there at hughes mansion in 1962, was 10 years old.

  4. Vallence Rd., had some very interesting tenants, especially at 178. Iremmber the address as I also lived at 178
    But not Vallence RD.
    I did go to school with the son of the pub in Vallence Rd. Years after we left school, he told me of the “ meetings” that were held in the pub.
    “ Meetings?”
    Keep searching .
    Regards to all. Stan

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