London Police Officers – Old Photos.

I’ve just started to go through my old photo albums and scan in some of the more interesting London images.

What I Know About This Photo.

The chap standing on the left is my grandfather’s step-father. He was one of the founders of the Met Police’s flying squad. A highly trained fast response police driver. I can assume that they have attended a burglary or attempted burglary at A. Cobden the jewellers.

On the rear of the photograph is the stamp of: Planet News Ltd, 3 Johnson’s Court, London EC4.
Leading me to believe this was indeed a press photograph of an incident.

Met Police London

Met Police London

5 comments on “London Police Officers – Old Photos.
  1. Chris R Edwards says:

    My great grandfather – John Jolly born in Suffolk was a farmer & later a Metro London Policeman in the late 1800’s. When he retired he became a publican in Limehouse. My gran Lillian worked in the pub & met a Jersey born Sailor – Edward Gallie & married in Limehouse about 1922.

    Are their records of pubs & publicans anywhere ?

    • Charles W M Parker. says:

      Hello Chris, I come from a long line of London Met. Policemen my paternal great grandfather William Micheal Parker born in York in 1829. He served in “V” division from 1859 to 1886 and died that year in service of Enteric Fever.

      His eldest son Charles Parker 1872 – 1957 my paternal grandfather, he served from 1898 to 1923. He resided in 1899 at 13, Orient buildings Hercules Road Lambeth and served in “ L” division as Police Constable. In 1903 he lived at 109, Campbell buildings, Oakley Road ( now renamed Baylis Road ).
      In 1905 he moved to “W” division having been promoted to Police Sergeant and now lived at 6, Plato Road Brixton.
      In 1909 he moved to “ P” division Camberwell till 1921 as the Station Sergeant and lived at 210, Gypsy Road Gypsy Hill.
      From 1921 to 1923 he served at “Z” division as Station Sergeant.

      His young brother William Micheal Parker ( namesake of his father ) 1878 – 1954 my great uncle also served at “Z” division from 1903 – 1928 as Police Constable.

      My maternal great great grandfather William Marsh born 1822 – 1906, He served at “P” division Camberwell from 1843 to 1868 and was promoted to Sergeant from 1857.

      My other maternal great grandfather John Henry Jackson 1870 – 1952 also served at “P” division Camberwell from 1894 – 1920 as Police Constable.
      All the families lived in the same area of Norwood and at times worked together at the same time.
      I was able to find all this information after researching family history, using census, marriage certificates and Met. Police Pension records released in 2017.

      William Marsh on his retirement in1868 became a publican at the Fox under the Hill, Spa Road ( renamed at a later date to Eagle Road ) Norwood and appears on the 1871 and 1881 census Beer House Keeper.

      There is records of Pubs & Publicans, if you Google – UK Pub History and London
      you will find information. You need to know the name of the Pub first, it can’t tell you from the name of the Publican. If your relative had retired by 1901 or 1911 and you have access to the census you can trace back the address and possible Pub.

  2. Vince Quinlivan says:

    Wonderful site! Has anyone any idea where was Lisburn Street B.G? Certainly around in 1887 and there is a well known pic of a poor family in their room there in 1923. Did it succumb to the blitz or was it cleared? Most important, where was it?

  3. Cobden’s got done on Saturday 20 Nov 1954.

    Hubert Edward Clark, aged 22, of East End House, Fairford, Gloucester was arrested on a roof in Hatton Garden and was subsequently charged with Robbery with Violence.

    On Friday 7th January 1955, Clark, an American citizen, pleady guilty at the Old Bailey to robbing with violence Alfred Abraham Cobden and assaulting Frank Porter occasioning him actual bodily harm. Clark was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

    DCI John French was the police officer in the case. Frank Porter was a passer-by who came to Mr Cobden’s aid. Clark had a female accomplice who was not identified.

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