Manchester Hotel | Aldersgate Street | WW2 Photos

Images from East London showing the destruction from German bombs during World War Two. Images scanned from a genuine copy of The London Evening news magazine, handed down to me from my grandfather.

Manchester Hotel – Aldersgate Street London

The Manchester Hotel, at the corner of Aldersgate Street and Long Lane was attacked by German bombs in December 1940, and gutted by the subsequent fire.

Opened in 1879, it was for years a rendezvous for buyers and sellers from the provinces, especially from the North; and for visitors who came to Town for football Cup finals.

It was used by juries sitting on murder trials at the Old Bailey, in one of the larger rooms they were locked up for the night under the watchful eyes of the City ushers.

The Manchester Hotel felt the competition of new hotels in the West End before the last war, and in 1914 closed its doors. Commandeered then by the Government, it was a hostel for a time for Jewish refugees from Belgium and Poland.

In 1919 it was much modernised and prospered again.

Manchester Hotel Aldersgate Street
Manchester Hotel Aldersgate Street
Manchester Hotel Aldersgate Street
Manchester Hotel Aldersgate Street

8 thoughts on “Manchester Hotel | Aldersgate Street | WW2 Photos”

  1. I am looking into the Hotel background as it was used for a short while between 1939 and 1940 used as the meeting place of a Masonic Lodge . Pharos Lodge number 5594.
    I know it is a long shot that something may have been preserved.

  2. My Dad had a Dance Band in the 30’s and I have found a Menu for a Dinner Dance from 1936 at the Manchester Hotel hosted by the Walthamstow Swimming Club I have listed it on ebay in case anyone is interested but later researching the location just came across this

    Richard Stratford

  3. I have a postcard dated Oct 5th 1907, posted to miss m Mansfield, Manchester Hotel, Aldersgate street, Ec. From D.M. the other info on it is a code: J.H.G.D.A.B then L.T.M.O.L.S. amour in toi. ANYWAYS IF YOU WANT IT LET ME KNOW. FREE OF CHARGE. THE FRONT OF IT SHOWS A PHOTO OF MISS ALICE CRAWFORD. LET ME KNOW. ALAN

  4. My great great grandfather Henry Thomas Tubbs and his business partner Joseph Lewis built this hotel and owned it for a time after it was opened. The initial cost in 1879 was around £70,000. It originally had 240 bedrooms but was expanded. There was a second main entrance on Long Lane.It was not their primary business. They had a textile business and many other properties. Their London base was 29-30 Noble Street just a few yards from the hotel site. Unfortunately I do not have any personal records that add to what is in the public domain

  5. My mum asked me to google this hotel. I found loads of images but she zoomed onto this one immediately.

    She was one of the many kids that would rush to the hotel to buy surplus cakes at a knock down price.

  6. I have just found my grandparents marriage certificate, dated 12th August 1911. My grand mother,Ellen Elizabeth Bennett gave the Manchester Hotel as her address.I seem to remember being told she had been a hotel matron/domestic manager.Is there any way of finding any proof of this?

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