White Horse Hotel East Ham | WW2 Photos

In High Street South, East Ham, the White Horse Hotel was a victim twice in four days of Hitler’s flying bombs. The first bomb fell on June 23, 1944, in nearby Flanders Road. Six people were killed, six seriously injured, and many more injured. 2,135 houses were damaged, over 100 of them being either demolished or wrecked.

White Horse Hotel East Ham
White Horse Hotel East Ham
White Horse Hotel WW2
White Horse Hotel WW2

The bomb also did great damage to the Charrington’s White Horse. Men were doing temporary repairs to the hotel three days later when, at four o’clock in the afternoon, the second flying bomb exploded at the back. Nine were killed in this incident and 15 seriously injured; 1,765 more homes were either ruined or damaged.

These photos of WW2 bomb damage in London are from a collection of newspaper and magazine articles published in England during World War Two. My late grandfather gave these to me as he knew I was interested in London history.

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  1. I lived at No. 1 Market Street and went to a school nearby , when on my way to school in the winter and when the basement was full of frozen water we would skate on the ice. Happy day’s.

  2. I was almost five years old when the white horse pub was bombed by a V1 ( Doodle Bug ) rocket in 1944 i was in the entrance of the Anderson shelter at number 3 Gresham Road some 200 yards from the pub. I even saw the Doodle Bugs engines stop and it dropped like a stone directly onto the White Horse. The blast blew out the whole back of our house in Gresham Road. I also saw some workmen who were repairing the roofs of houses in White Horse Road blown of the roofs from the blast. I am sure that some of them must have been seriously injured.
    Soon after the end of the war in May 1945 the bombed out White Horse pub became a fantastic playground for us local youngsters. it was in 1948 that i and some of my friends were playing in the building when i fell into the cellar fracturing my left arm in three places. My arm has never been right since and i am now fast approaching 80.but i remember those times as if it were yesterday

    Keith Eagland.

    1. Hello Keith, thank you for your fascinating story. It really brings these WW2 photos to life. I have more to share over the coming months. So hopefully they will jog the memory of other website visitors. Keep well.

  3. Pauline Williams

    My fathers first wife and son aged 4 were killed in an air raid in Gyledune Gardens in 1944 they were the only casualties in that area that night. The doodle bug had come from Holland

    1. Hello Tim, thanks for your comment. I’ve a few WW2 images from other areas of London, so as long as people don’t mind me stretching the geographical boundaries a little of this blog, I’ll also share them and the story behind the images.

      1. john chatterway

        HI, i was landlord of the white horse high street south east ham in the early sixty’s along with my other pubs the carpenter’s arms carpenters road stratford, and the old army/navy plaistow. my father inlaw was the land/lord of the bombay grab bow road and the st andrews head limehouse. i was born in bow by bow bridge in the mid 1930s, moving from london to my farms in kent and sussex and cotswolds still an eastender, take the boy out of east end but can’t take the east end out of the boy.

          1. Further to my enquiry re. landlord of White Horse I see it it listed as Mrs E.Scott who would have been my Aunt Eva who died in that attack. To add a further bit of history to the story, my Dad who was close to his sister had taken the pub clock to mend when the V1 fell so it never went back and was around, on a shelf for a long time. I remember as a 9or 10 year old just before the war visiting. I remember the bar, with cookies under a glass cover and her partner, a policeman showing me a broken truncheon and saying he had broken it over someone’s head. A tough area!

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